Scott Carney

Month: December 2018

Border Wars

Bangladesh shares a border with only two other countries: the republic of India and the dictatorship of Burma. With climate change threatening much of the low-lying country refugees will have to go somewhere. And India has decided to prepare for the influx by building a wall and shooting anyone who tries to cross it. In …

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The Last Calligraphers

The age of calligraphy died when British soldiers toppled the Mughal courts. It’s hard to remember that there was a time before the age of computers when penmanship was considered one of the highest art forms. Outside of a some particularly ornate wedding invitations and hand-written copies of the Koran there is little need for …

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Radio Appearances

The Red Market hits shelves on Tuesday May 31st. For the next three or four weeks I’ll be giving interviews on radio and television stations across America.  Here’s the week’s schedule so far: Tuesday May 31: 12:30 PM EST –  New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR)  “Word of Mouth” 10:30 AM PST – KPCC  “Air Talk …

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