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Websites have a funny way of suddenly becoming obsolete. As the internet makes its relentless surge to ever shinier templates, old code starts to look like a quaint antique in a forgotten aisle of a thrift store. In honor of my new book coming out and my ever growing and diversifying workload, I decided that I needed a different platform. So I’m excited to introduce the the completely re-designed

Spend some time clicking around on those links up top. Marvel at the toolbar’s sleek slidy-ness. On the homepage I wanted long time readers to have an easy way to access my most recent thoughts and ideas while at the same time directing new readers to the books and feature articles that I’m most known for. The updated book section will have links to my ever expanding library of long-form titles and the article section is much easier to understand. That’s more or less standard stuff for a writer’s website. However, I’m much more excited about the new blog. I haven’t blogged regularly since the days when I was in India and I kept daily updates on the long-defunct site Trailing Technology. It’s time to test those waters again – to have a general space to dish about politics, speaking engagements, writing advice and rants about poor customer service (I’m looking at you Comcast).

Also new is a writing clinic. Every month people e-mail me looking for advice about how to break into a career as a freelance journalist. I’ve fielded hundreds of calls and corresponded with reporters from as far afield as Turkey, Egypt, India and across the United States. Many of them have gone on to publish articles in top-tier magazines like Harpers, the New Yorker, Wired and Men’s Journal. There’s sort of a formula for success and I think it’s time to codify all my advice in one place. So, in the next month I’ll collect it all in a free e-book that will offer a nuts and bolts guide to surviving in the publishing world. Anyone interested in more in-depth discussions can sign up for private consultations with me or, once I get my act together, a twice yearly online course.

I don’t expect that you will be visiting here every day but if you want to get notifications of new articles, events or journalism advice, you can sign up to get my newsletter.

For those of you who are a bit nostalgic for the browns and yellows of the old site, worry not. I posted a photo of the last home page below for you to always remember it by. Finally, want to give a huge shout-out to Baptiste Jacquemet who has spent the last two months designing and re-designing the page so that it all works together perfectly.

This is a very exciting time over here at I hope that you come along for the ride.


Brown and Yellow Home Page

Sleep well, sweet prince.

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