Talking About Red Markets

Talking Red Markets at the American Enterprise Institute on October 28th

Two-part lecture at Brandeis University

Over the last few weeks I have been giving a string of lectures around the country about the Red Market. My audiences have been in academica, among public policy think tanks and large and small media outlets. All told they represent a very wide ideological spectrum–from the left to right wings of the American political sphere to a broad sampling of the medical, religious and activist communities. Since my book came out in June there has been a renewed interest in the ethical and economic conundrums that allow for criminal markets for human tissue to flourish. There is a bill circulating in policy circles to commercialize and regulate human tissue, and a group if activists who are planning pilot programs to reassess the National Organ Transplantation Act. The FBI has taken up the case of children kidnapped for adoption and conducted DNA tests on a child that I wrote about in the book. Meanwhile new organ brokering scandals seem to pop up ever week.  It is important that people weigh in on this debate now and get involved before a small group of people decide the future of the tissue transplant system. We are going to need a diverse group of people and viewpoints represented to ensure that upcoming revisions don’t create new holes for illegal markets to flourish.

Click on the pictures for links to two lectures: One at The American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. The second at Northwestern University in Chicago.

50 minute lecture on The Red Market at Northwestern in Chicago in September


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  1. Caroline Richards Cormier   •  

    I am interested in hearing about the nefarious abuses of the human organ underground market…how it poses a risk of predation on the weak and poor.

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